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Dan May

Not Just Another Cereal Aisle Aficionado


Dan MayI spoke with Dan May in December, shortly after he had celebrated his 60th birthday!  In this fascinating episode, Dan talks about the early days in Sandusky Ohio, working summers with the family at the local amusement park. First garage band and girls.

Early influences, studying opera in Philadelphia and being a professional opera singer for 12 years (until vocal cord surgery put him on a different course). HE also talks about 3 years as dancer in a Russian touring company.

Meanwhile, in all this time as an opera singer, he was suppressing this wonderful songwriter hiding within.

What happened years later when Dan May allowed all those songs to emerge from the depths. His meeting Liz Miller at a TAXI Song Expo in L.A., which lead to the road to his becoming the beloved singer/songwriter he is known as through ought the world today!

As if that isn’t enough, Dan is an author, too! In 2016, his book  Adventures in Grocery Shopping: And other short stories from a cereal aisle aficionado, immediately made the “Philadelphia Inquirers Best Books of 2016” list.

Dan continues to perform live, in and around Philadelphia. And he often visits his home town of Sandusky, Ohio where he performs for his longtime friends and fans.

For more about Dan May or to purchase his music or books, visit

Read my personal review of: Adventures in Grocery Shopping   by Dan May

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Liz Miller

Sleep Is For ******

Liz MillerToday, Liz and I talked about – driving, listening to podcasts vs. terrestrial radio, sleep, being a nurse and a songwriter, growing up in a musical family which allows Liz to drop a few serious names: Bobby Scott (writer of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” and “A Taste of Honey”), Andy Williams, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, mom on the Steve Allen Show. Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee. Dad was a Mad Man and music lessons with the meanest teacher in New Jersey.


Even though Liz is a serious songwriter, she has a few extremely funny songs in her catalogue. One of them, and one of my personal favorites is called Code Brown. So today, you’ll get the back story on this hilarious song and Youtube video. Turns out story of the song is as funny as or funnier than the song itself!

How does Liz manage to balance a nursing career and a songwriting career, yet still finds the time to be a wife, and mother of two kids?
Find out now on Tales of the Road Warriors!

Links to Sites We Talked About:

The Xconditionals    The Alternative Pop/Rock duo of award winning songwriters Liz Miller and Margaret McClure. Produced by Andy Machin

Liz Miller on Reverbnation

Liz Miller on Broadjam

NSAI – Nashville Songwriters Association International (Philadelphia Chapter)


Dick by The Xconditionals

Code Brown by LizzyMiller

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