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Joe Walla

Joe Walla – The Million Dollar Man

First things first… a big shoutout to Joe Walla for allowing me to use his instrumental masterpiece  Playa del Spain, as the opening theme music  to the Tales of the Road Warriors podcast.

While freelancing as webmaster for an adult website,  I first met Joe when I accompanied my boss to a gigantic adult video, toy and clothing warehouse, where he shopped for items to stock his online adult store.

Sitting behind a desk in the sales office was Joe. He gave us each card that read

Joe Walla
The Million Dollar Man”.

You can hear me and Joe talkin’ about the porn industry, rockin’ and racing, open mics, biker bars, songwriting, reminisce about the old days and – get caught up on some of the stuff Joe’s doing now.

He also has a Youtube show where he combines the world of rock ’n roll with the combustible world of racing. It’s Called:
Rockin & Racing With Joe Walla and Chris Seaward

Discover Joe, listen to and buy his music on his official site:
Joe Walla Music on BroadJam

Joe Walla Audiogram Preview

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