Sponsor This Podcast

Tales of the Road Warriors is currently a labor of love and completely self-supported. However… If you would like to sponsor this podcast, I am seeking a maximum of 4 products or services that I will feature on the website pages and talk about personally on each episode for a set amount of time at a price to be negotiated. This will not  be based on stats relating to the current total number of  downloads, but on the fact that this audience is specifically targeted to your demographic and trust that I promote only what I believe to be of value, since it has my name on it and is personally endorsed by Hal Aaron Cohen.

Consider being a sponsor of TotRW:

  1. Musical instruments or accessories
  2. Live Sound and Recording equipment
  3. Local music venues (Restaurants, bars, hotels, concert halls, theaters, etc.)
  4. Food Trucks
  5. Build or repair guitars or electronic instruments
  6. Music stores
  7. Music Schools or Instructors
  8. Etcetera

NOTE: Only one sponsor category will be accepted per episode. For instance, If you own a venue that features live music, no competing venues will be advertised on included episode or corresponding show notes pages.  If I talk about Mr. Whatchamacallit’s Guitars, then Mr. Whozit’s Guitars cannot compete on this podcast for however many episodes we negtiate. If you want to sponsor the entire  Tales of the RoadWarriors Podcast – Please contact me to negotiate terms.