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Tales of the Road Warriors

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A podcast that explores the world through the eyes of entertainers, musicians, sidemen, roadies, recording engineers and people who make a living on stage and behind the scenes. , Hosted by Hal Aaron Cohen.

If you have a tale to tell, we should talk.

If you spend (or have spent) a good part of your life on the road, in hotels, motels, performing in venues of any size, toured with a band, travel the country doing house concerts, play local gigs from tribute bands, cover bands, back up  bands, one-man-bands…

Let me know if you have a concert or a new project to promote, I’ll try to schedule the podcast release date to coincide with your event.

Please call (818) 730-3600 and let’s set up a date and time for a Skype, Facebook or Facetime interview. You can also send a message through the form in the sidebar or contact page.  This is going to be great. I promise!

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Latest episode: Johny Koolrock

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  1. DJ Barker DJ Barker

    Is this thing on?

  2. Joe Walla Joe Walla

    Right on Hal

    • Hal Hal

      Thanks, Joe Walla! You’re show is in the queue, buddy!!

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