Ghost of Marilyn Monroe

Me, Jamie Sheriff, and the Ghost of Marilyn Monroe

Hi, this is Hal Aaron Cohen and welcome to my podcast Tales of the Road Warriors

No guest, today. Just me, Hal Aaron and I’ll be driving solo. You still get a great story , though. One of my own Tales of the Road Warriors. Fun times!

Today, I want to share what’s ahead for the Tales of the Road Warriors podcast, but first, let me tell you a little about what’s been going on, as well as what’s going on right now.

First, I want to thank all of you for listening, especially those of you who follow and share the show with your friends and on social media. I also want to thank everyone who has been a guest on the show, and thanks in advance to those who will be joining me on future episodes. Oh, and lest I forget – I’d like to give a big shoutout to my old friend Joe Walla for allowing me to use his instrumental, PLAYA DEL SPAIN, featuring his fretboard virtuosity and signature, Hola Gente! – as the opening theme music.  By the way, “Hola Gente” is Spanish for “Hello, People”

A couple of weeks ago, I recorded a live episode of TotRW with Lizanne Knott, her daughter Ciara and Philly folk-rock music icon and author, Dan May. It was a sweltering 102 degree day and I  can’t thank  them enough for participating. It was recorded live by Kev Gallagher at the Tattoed Mom on 5th & South Street in Philadelphia as part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival. Kev is the host of a podcast called, Everything is Awesome and is the co-host of The Zombcast. Kev also writes for Dark Knight News and is working on a science fiction series and probably more projects I’m not privy to. He’s ALSO a dad to two kids. Despite all the stuff he’s got going on in his life, Kev volunteered to record all of the podcasts at the Tatooed Mom during the week of the Philly Pod Fest.

So a HUGE thanks to Kev  . Also a big thank you to Nathan and Taegan Kuruna the organizers of Philly Podcast Festival  – for including a new, still-in-the-baby-stages Tales of the Road Warriors. I am grateful for the opportunity, even if I did choke a little and probably squandered my opportunity a little bit. Tell you what…  I’m blaming the heat. In the meantime, Dan, Lizanne and Ciara were the perfect guests.

I haven’t edited that show yet and I apologize for getting behind, but, I got a healthy dose of last minute music gigs, and  that combined with trying to get ready for the live podcast and a big event in Orlando, Florida, I’ve just been short on time. I try to get an episode out every Thursday, but, as you know – Life happens. Being the Chief, Cook and Head  Bottle Washer, I can’t always be as consistent as I’d like right  now, but I’m working on solutions. Hopefully,  I can find a collaborator or possibly build a small team to keep the show running a little more efficiently.

So what’s next? Well, I’m going to take a brief hiatus because I’m heading for another Podcast event. This one is the big one. It’s called  Podcast Movement 2019 and they’re expecting about 3,000 podcasters from all over the world, all converging in Orlando, Florida. My goal is to learn all I can about the podcasting industry; meet some movers and shakers, check out new opportunities in podcasting, maybe acquire a sponsor or two, some new gear and ultimately make Tales of the Road Warriors better than ever.

I’m still in the process  of tweaking  the show, the format, curating great guests and stories and honing my own skills as a host. I know I have a long way to go, but as my old Pappy used to say, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”.

So now that you’re all caught up, it’s time for a Tale from Uncle Hal… I call it Me, Jamie Sheriff, and the Ghost of Marilyn Monroe

If you’ve been listening to past Tales of the Road Warriors, then you already know I was a singing waiter for about six years. SO, this happened at the Great American Food and Beverage Company. Now, at the GA, we had two dining main dining areas – the Piano Room and the Green Room. Piano players couldn’t work in the green room because well, there was no piano in there. In the Piano Room, however , there was an old spinet which actually sounded pretty great considering the pounding it took night after night and there were some pretty good keyboard  players working there. There’s Chuck Francour, who still entertains around the Florida area and now calls himself Sweet Charlie, David Bloom, entertains American tourists in Mexico at a beautiful  resort, Joe Turano, who worked with Ricki Lee Jones, Michael Bolton and was musical director for Al Jarraeu for 17 years. There were a few others, but most noteably – Jamie Sheriff. Jamie went on to become an 80’s solo artist. His album, No Heroes was engineered by the legendary producer, Ken Scott – most noted for his work with David Bowie. To this day, we’re all still in touch on Facebook. I still talk to Jamie pretty regularly.

Now, I played mostly guitar, but occasionally switched to piano for a song or two. I’m no virtuoso, but I play well enough to accompany myself on piano for some songs. One of those songs  was Candle in the Wind by Elton John. But, if Jamie had time between customers, he would offer to accompany me on the piano while I played guitar.

One night Jamie suggested something novel… He asked me if I ever thought about just singing the song without the guitar while  he accompanied me on the piano, so I could concentrate on the vocal. I felt completely naked an totally insecure if I wasn’t holding a guitar while performing, but I’d seen others, who didn’t know how to play an instrument, get up and sing, so I thought why not, and agreed to give it a shot.

Now, hanging on the wall, just to the right of the piano were these mirrors. Painted onto the mirrors were silhouettes of famous -people, these mirrors were very popular in the sixties  and 70’s. One had  Elvis. There was one each of all four Beatles (I think – Maybe just John Lennon)… and then the one closest to the piano was Marilyn Monroe.

So Jamie starts playing the Candle In  The Wind, I’m just standing there like a poor man’s Wayne Newton or some lounge lizard, feeling completely stupid. So , then, I just jumped right into the first verse. Hey, you know what? It wasn’t horrible. Once I started, I felt a little more comfortable.  While, in the midst of singing, that Marilyn mirror caught my eye. So I quickly thought, “Hey, here’s an idea… I’ll take the mirror off the  wall during the instrumental and then during the third verse, I’ll  hold it up to the crowd and that’ll be really cool!”

But Marilyn had  an even grander idea… I removed the mirror from the wall easily enough. I didn’t drop it. Everything was going as planned. As Jamie’s piano solo was concluding, I set the mirror at my feet, planning to pick it up as I sang, “Goodbye Norma Jean, from the young man  in the 22nd row…”

But before that happened,  I noticed a few people staring at the ceiling and murmuring, so I looked up to see what they were looking at… The mirror was sitting at my feet at such an angle that when the light above the piano hit it, it projected a blue, ghostly image of Marilyn Monroe, smiling down at the people dining at the table in front of me. Not everyone in the room saw it until I got to that part of the song. SO I milked it for all it was worth. I dropped to my knees and gazed into Marilyn’s haunting eyes as I sang the last verse. A quiet reverence took hold  of the room and when the song ended, the crowd just sat there stunned for a second or two, then burst into a huge applause. It couldn’t have been better if we had planned it.

Of course, from then on, Jamie and I made that song a permanent part of the evening, whenever we worked together. I like to think that Marilyn herself was smiling at me with approval that night.

I hope you enjoyed my little story. Please add Tales of the Road Warriors to your favorite podcast app. If you’re on an iPhone, you can listen on Apple Podcasts.  For Android, there are several options. My favorite is Himalaya. If you go the Tales of the Road Warriors home page, there are links  to several of the most popular apps for podcasts.

Oh! Hey!! The reminds me. It’s come to my attention that there are still plenty of people who don’t listen to podcasts. Not this one, not any. I’ve come to discover that some of you haven’t discovered podcasts, don’t know how to listen to them, don’t understand the advantage of having podcasts in their life. So, I’m working on a “how-to” video, to demonstrate the different ways to listen to podcasts in order to make it easier to get into them. I’ll let you know when it’s ready, so this  e of you who already enjoy podcasts can finally share the experience with friends.

All right, I think I’m done here. Mission accomplished! So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going for a drive!

Listen to Tales of the Road Warriors on HIMALAYA

Please listen, share and comment below. There’s also a Tales of the Road Warriors Facebook Group if you want to start or contribute to the conversation there. Anyway, let me know what’s on your mind, one way or another.

Thanks !


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Bob Malone

On the Road With John Fogerty’s Keyboard Player

Bob Malone. In case you don’t know the name, I am happy to be the one bringing this remarkable and talented keyboard wizard into your orbit…

There are some people you encounter in life who immediately stand out in some inexplicable way. You may have heard it described as the X Factor, or that “IT” factor. An aura. Bob has that.

I still remember like  it was yesterday… several members of the National Academy of Songwriters (now The Songwriters Guild) had volunteered to help repaint their offices. Bob and I were among that group and so I was on the floor placing masking tape along the wall above the molding. Malone was coming from the other direction and we met in the middle where we struck up a conversation. Turned out he was a keyboard player. A new kid in town from New Jersey who like many of us , had trekked out to L.A. to seek their fame and fortune. We immediately struck up a friendship.

Eventually, I ended up recording some demos for him (and with him) at my home studio in Venice and helped him get a steady gig at the Chimneysweep, where I was acting as entertainment coordinator. I played there on Sunday nights, myself. The Hal Show. Acoustic Sunday.

Bob eventually started making a name for himself in L.A. as a music transcriber, singer/songwriter, arranger, session musician, and music supervisor.  He has performed and or recorded with living legends, and in fact he’s been touring with John Fogerty, a founding member of Creedence Clearwater Revival, for the last decade. He’s opened for the Neville Brothers (recently, we said goodbye to Art Neville).

On their last tour, Bob got to share the stage with Mr. Springsteen, himself.

I wish I had more time to talk to Bob – – – When I finally caught up with him, he  was on his way back from a recording session on a new project. What else is new? Mr. Malone is ALWAYS working on something new. That’s why he’s always got such good stories! So, our conversation barely touched the tip of the iceberg. Talk a bout a road warrior? He was literally in his car during the entire conversation, so the  audio might have been a little funky in patches. Which is fitting, because Bob Malone really knows how to bring the funk!

Some the topics we covered include:

Old Bob Malone songs.

New Bob Malone songs.

A brand new video called Good People (and I’M in it!). Yay! … for about a second.

The iconic accordion solo he before John Fogerty and the rest of the band break into Looking’ Out My Back Door

Touring Europe  – Italy and Paris in particular.

Shark week and the Sparkly Shark song by Bob’s wife, Karen Nash who is also a shellologist.

Bob’s epic photos of the crowds taken from a stage-eye view

An encounter with Jackson Browne while playing keyboards for Ricki Lee Jones (who I’ve seen naked – in my worst Jon Lovitz voice).  Hey, no biggie… it was the 70’s. Everyone sat in a hot tub naked back in the day.


THE OFFICIAL BOB MALONE WEBSITEGo there. Sign up for the  Bob Malone Mailing list and purchase his music and merchandise there!


Personal Favorites:

Chinese Algebra (The  full, live version of the one at the end of the interview)

I Know He’s Your Husband

Watching Over Me (Official Live Video)

This is based on a true story about how one time Bob went to Las Vegas and only had a single one dollar bill to his name. The song tells the rest of this amazing experience.

Meet Me In ManhattanBob wrote this for his – well I’ll let him tell you…

Bob Malone’s Blog Posts

Crawl Across Texasa story by Bob Malone. First published in Song Talk Magazine, later one of the original Tales of the Road Warriors in the Li’l Hank’s Guide For Songwriters website. It’s still there!

Bob Malone Blog  Bob’s more current thoughts and adventures on Blogspot

Hal’s Rainy Day Rant – Gimme Shelter

Bob Malone Audiogram Episode Preview

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Jay David

Cover of the AARP and Other Stuff

Things we discuss in this episode:

My flooded basement apartment. Playing venues in Philadelphia…

There’s a section that got a little garbled, I guess due to a bad connection, Maybe Jay was walking through a dead zone in his house. For whatever reason, you may not be able to understand the audio. Don’t tune out, it gets clear again for the remainder of the show.

He was telling me how he started at the age of two singing on the Horn & Hardart Children’s Hour. Horn and Hardart was a “food service automat”, where all the food came out of vending machines. I remember how my mother would never let us go in. She used to tell us, you won’t like anything in there. I wasn’t crazy about eating baked beans anyway. Or a slice of pie that had been sitting inside of a vending machine of who knows how long?

Anyway, Jay went on to say how he started out banging out drumbeats on the dining room table and annoyed the hell out of people with his incessant drumming on everything. He eventually took  lessons but got bored. So he learned by listening to the records, eventually giving lessons the same way he wanted to learn. Taught drums by having drum students bring him the records with the songs they wanted to learn and just teach them to play those songs. I know some music teachers who hate guys like that.  If you’re not teaching the fundamentals, they look down their noses at you. Personally, I think there’s room for both teaching styles. Hey, what’s wrong with learning to play your favorite songs?

We swapped stories about his mom and Frank Sinatra’s mom

Drum Corp competitions.  Reilly’s Raiders in Willow Grove, PA (Still there!)

Shelter dogs, Carnegie Hall, the Navy, Hospital Corps, Dolly Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra. Boots. Dorsey Brothers, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Brenda Lee, The Wagon Wheel, Mercury Records, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, getting signed by Clive Davis

Links to Videos, etc.

The Last Morning by Dr. Hook

Cover of The Rolling Stone by Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show

Cover of the AARP – parody by Jay David (music by Shel Silverstein)

Cover of AARP Personnel

Jay David wrote and recorded based on the music of Shel Silverstein

Ooks of Hazzard played, and their drummer, Matt Tecu is the guy with the deep voice singing the 2nd verse

Janiva Magness – blues singer sang harmony. Here’s a little  taste of Janiva singing Make It Rain (and doing a Tom Waits song some serious justice)

Jay David Audiogram Preview

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Phil Leavitt

7Horse and Tales From the Hollywood Freeway

Phi LeavittShow Notes and Talking Points

Las Vegas roots.

Started out on piano, went immediately to drums.

Played in a lot of bands, including a cover band that played Hawaii, followed by a rough stint in Alaska

I first met Phil at an outdoor festival. Phil was the drummer in a group called Films About Women .
I was bassist/lead singer for a band called The Fever and we were also performing that day.
Phil was an ex-grade school student of our rhythm guitarist and main songwriter, Graham Becker.

So I got to hear Films About Women then and man, I know an exceptional drummer when I hear one.

Years later, Phil joined an amazing, high energy alternative rock trio called Dada. It consisted of Joei Calio, Michael Gurley and of course, Phil Leavitt.
They had an international hit with a song called I’m Going to Diz-Knee-Land. The toured extensively, opening for Sting.

Michael Gurley left to tour with Keifer Sutherland, causing scheduling problems during their 25th reunion tour.

We talked about Darius Dehger and the Special Deluxe Combo

The team behind the videos. The image, look and attitude behind 7Horse music. (Dada was anti-image”).

A little about Phil’s dad. The Bowler Hat. Present day peacocking. The Vegas influences. Liberace and Elvis.

Tales From the Hollywood Freeway
The Bob Dylan Story
The Bill Murray Story (and their super fan, Pro Golf Champion Scott Simpson)


Phil  Leavitt and 7Horse Links and Resources

7HORSE on YouTube

7Horse Facebook Page

NEW SONG: Stevie Ray Vaughn’s House is Rockin

Tour Dates:


Phil Leavitt Audiogram Preview

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Lisa Nemzo

A Woman of Two Passions:
Music and Polarity Therapy

A Conversation with Lisa Nemzo

lisa-nemzoDuring the 80’s, I bartended at a rock club called the Blue Lagune Saloon in Marina del Rey, California. I saw a lot of great bands during my time there, the Plimsouls, Etta James, The Moore Brothers (Joe Cocker’s backup band during the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour), Billy and the Beaters, The Bus Boys; Kathy Valentine of the Go Goes celebrated her 21st birthday there to a virtual who’s who of the 80’s rock and roll elite. Yet one young lady stood out to me back then among all of these 80’s pop rockers and hard rocking’ and r&b bands. I’m talking about Lisa Nemzo. Today, on Tales of the Road Warriors!

Lisa Nemzo. She did this acoustic guitar solo during a song called Try and Run, in which she used harmonics to create an exciting instrumental break before going back into the final chorus. I was serving drinks to a thirsty audience; business as usual when she broke into that amazing solo. I stopped waiting on customers and just watched with my note open like everybody else who became  an instant fan that night .

Harmonics are  created by lightly touching the string and  then pulling away as you pluck or strum. A lot of us use them as an accent, but I had never seen anyone take it and run with it like that before. So, that became her signature.

She has toured Europe and the U.S. in several incarnations. Read her bio here to get an idea of the full scope of this talented lady.

In her other life, Lisa works as a healer in Polarity Therapy and works to raise money for the American Polarity Therapy Association. She is also an activist and works with war veterans to make sure they are not forgotten and receive the benefits and treatment they truly deserve. Some  folks talk about it. Lisa Nemzo is a doer.

Some of the things we talked about include:

Visiting the east coast.

The Weather – East Coast vs West Coast

Body surfing the Atlantic Ocean in Cape May

Boogie boarding in the Pacific Ocean

Lisa Nemzo’s dad’s secret musical life (What?!)

Lisa’s actress/singer mom/

Lisa’s first school play

Musical instruments in the family… piano, trumpet, coronet, baritone horn, clarinet, ukulele and guitar

Going to L.A. after college to pursue a jazz career, but ending up in a session with Mike Botts from Bread and starting songwriting career

Touring for ten years with no product (no album, no cassette, no cd… nothin’).

Harmonics. Getting schooled by Tom Rush and developing the Lisa Nemazo signature sound

A mentor teaches Lisa to survive as a female musical artist in a man’s world

Touring and or opening for Hall and Oates, David Crosby, BB King, David Lindley, Tim Weisberg and many others

Links and Resources

Strangers In Paradise

Listen On Youtube




Try and Run


“When it Comes to Love” Track 5 on UNLOCK MY HEART


(Lisa Nemzo Webisode #3)

Change of Tide Around 1985)


Arlington (and related links)




One Kind Word


New song…

“Wish I Had a Country to Go Home To”



Gina Kronstadt, violinist

Bruce Michael Miller worked  – with from 1985 and 2009

American Polarity Therapy Association

John Chitty

Current projects:

Lisa is looking for people to work with her on a video for One Kind Word

Lisa Nemzo Audiogram Episode Preview

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Jon Michaels

Lemons to Lemonade  

Jon is originally from Los Angeles, Where I met him. Well, Encino to be exact. About 1980. He had just recently come off a tour with the New Christy Minstrels which… fuck! I totally forgot to ask him about!

His musical influences  are Jim Croce and Harry Chapin. You can clearly hear that in his writing and performing. Both those boys would have been proud to count Jon as a protege.

Personal inspirations are His mom; wife, Jeannie; and Daughter, Jennings

“For the longest time, my sole concentration was on my music and to pursue my music career, I thought I had to be single and uncommitted. Today, I’ve discovered I can have both and it’s truly inspiring.”

And I can tell you, because I’ve known Jon a long time, and as one of his Facebook friends who reads his posts – he dotes on his family- BIG TIME!

Christina Pirello, a Philadelphia TV cooking show show hostess heard Jon play his music one night at the Bluebird Café in Nashville and invited him to perform on “Christina Cooks,” her natural foods cooking program on PBS. The response was so overwhelming that Christina invited Jon to sing on every episode. The show is carried by more than 150 PBS affiliates and has introduced Jon’s music and warm personality to a coast-to-coast audience. Talk about singing for your supper.

John reads the heartwarming account of his proposal to his wife, Jeannie, at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. This is the stuff fairy tales are made of!

Lisa Nemzo, Keith Urban, Matt Kramer, At My Place, Ty Herndon, Ray Herndon, Tommy Emmanuel, David Kitay, Daniel McFeeley, David Foster, Today Show, Nashville, PBS, Bluebird Cafe, World Cafe Live, Cristina Cooks, Tin Angel, Philadelphia, South Carolina, Dove for Men, Merrill Lynch, Born to Explore, Richard Wiese, Explorers Club, Neil Armstrong, sally Ride, Teddy Roosevelt, agressor adventures, diving, Don McClean, McBride and the Ride, great white shark dive, dolphins, manta rays, kayaking, alligator,


John Michael’s Website

Jon Michaels Music Videos


CHECK PLEASE performed by Paul Jefferson



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Lee Totten

The Jager Guy

lee totten the jager guy

Lee Totten has been performing in several incarnations as solo acoustic act as well as with a full band. He’s one of the original contributors to the Tales of the Road Warriors section of Li’l Hank’s Guide for Songwriters, my award winning website during the nineties which is how we first met. We bonded online, but I later met Lee in person when he  flew out to California – – –  I was hosting the Acoustic Soup Open Mic and Showcase at the Book Grinders in Van Nuys. where he popped in and performed some of his originals songs. 

It’s been a long time since then, so in this conversation, we get caught up with a lot of things Lee’s been up to over the years and of course, he shares some of his very entertaining stories. He talks about the Jager Song and being the Jager Guy, his friendship with Kenny the Afternoon guy on Radio 104 in Connecticut and the advice he got from his old friend, Keith Garde, a former manager of Aerosmith after he expressed concern about being compared to Weird Al Yankovich.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry, you’ll be a blubbering emotional wreck… okay, well, I may have exaggerated that last thing…

Lee and I had a pretty long conversation …. Regarding long interviews – I could use your input… would  you prefer I broke hour shows into a Part 1 and 2? Or do you prefer to get the whole conversation at once and pause it yourself?  I think there are pros and cons to doing it either way, so I’d appreciate it if you comment below or visit the Tales of the Road Warriors Facebook group… Facebook.com/groups/TalesWarriors

Lee Totten Audiogram Preview

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Joe Walla

Joe Walla – The Million Dollar Man

First things first… a big shoutout to Joe Walla for allowing me to use his instrumental masterpiece  Playa del Spain, as the opening theme music  to the Tales of the Road Warriors podcast.

While freelancing as webmaster for an adult website,  I first met Joe when I accompanied my boss to a gigantic adult video, toy and clothing warehouse, where he shopped for items to stock his online adult store.

Sitting behind a desk in the sales office was Joe. He gave us each card that read

Joe Walla
The Million Dollar Man”.

You can hear me and Joe talkin’ about the porn industry, rockin’ and racing, open mics, biker bars, songwriting, reminisce about the old days and – get caught up on some of the stuff Joe’s doing now.

He also has a Youtube show where he combines the world of rock ’n roll with the combustible world of racing. It’s Called:
Rockin & Racing With Joe Walla and Chris Seaward

Discover Joe, listen to and buy his music on his official site:
Joe Walla Music on BroadJam

Joe Walla Audiogram Preview

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I respond to all visitors personally

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Tzach Gefen

Talkin Bout Israel… and Music

tzach gefenHey there fellow road warriors, siblings of road warriors, parents of road warriors, BFF’s, groupies – and all you good folks who keep us employed…

Got a great show for you!

Today, I’m talking about Israel and music with Tzach Gefen – one half of the team that hosts the TBI Podcast aka Talkin’ Bout Israel – and Stuff with his co-host: Mike Leibsohn

The TBI podcast is perfect for those who are planning to visit Israel, people who may be planning to go for an extended amount of time or those who have made Aliyah or are thinking about it. Maybe you just love Israel, Israeli music, or just want to live the Israeli lifestyle vicariously through Tzach and Michael – a couple of guys that live there, each sharing their own point of view.  (BTW – I noticed they’re doing a Hebrew version, now. At least for the last two episodes).

Tzach and I talked mostly about music. His music. My music, Israeli Music, Irish bars, Japanese music and we might have talked a little about the food, too.

As always… below the show notes on the Show notes page, there are links to all of the things we talked about. If you don’t want any spoilers, don’t look at the links below until you’ve listened to this entire episode. I promise you will be thoroughly entertained.

Usually, I play out most episodes with my original song – I’m Going For a Drive, but today, we’ll use about 30 seconds of guitar and harmonica that Tzach Gefen sent me.


Hadag Nahash
Hadag Nahash Youtube Channel

Meir Ariel
Meir Ariel and David Broza – At Noon

Israeli Music by Kaveret
Yo Ya -from the Poogy Album 1973

Hako Yamasaki

Meiko Kaji (the chick in Kill Bill)
Greatest Hits

Joe Walla
Joe Walla Official Website

Random links

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Johnny Koolrock

The Legend of Blythe

Johnny KoolrockAnd now, for something completely different… This past week, I accompanied the near-legendary James Lee Stanley to Teaneck New Jersey where he did a radio interview/live in-studio concert on WFDU with the host of the Traditions radio show, Ron Olesko. I had intended to interview James Lee for a future episode of the Tales of the Road Warriors podcast, but due to technical difficulties, I couldn’t complete the mission. However, on the way back home from the radio station, James and I talked about many things, and during the course of the conversation, among other things, we swapped stories about our past gigs. Which lead to me telling hime about something that happen to me, and it’s on of my favorite TALES OF THE ROAD WARRIORS!!!!

Hi Hal Aaron Cohen here… and welcome to the Tales of the Roadwarriors podcast. Don’t forget to get on the mailing list. There is no charge to subscribe, but if you’d like contribute a little something to help support the show, please click on the tip jar below.

tip-jar gas money


Before I begin, let me make it clear that there was another Johnnie Coolrock, but he spelled his name differently.

J-O-H-N-N-I-E Coolrock with a C . He was an English rocker who had a hit in England in 1979. It was called Good  Girls and it’s actually pretty catchy. You can follow this link to listen to Good Girls by the OTHER Johnnie Coolrock.

This story is not about that guy… This is a story about me, and I spell it JOHNNY KOOLROCK  with a K, because at the time, I smoked Kool cigarettes, which is not something to brag about  – and I quit smoking years ago.

No more spoilers. You’ll have to listen to the show to hear the story. You can stream it from the top of this page or on your favorite podcast app including iTunes, Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, Google Play or Stitcher.

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