Introduction to Tales of the Road Warriors


Tales of the Road Warriors was one of the main sections of Li’l Hank’s Guide for Songwriters. I had requested fellow singer/songwriters and musicians who were kind enough to share their experiences about gigs from hell, embarrassing moments and stuff like that in order to inspire, educate or make you smile.” to contribute there anecdotes and essays.So, just to be sure it was a good idea, I went to the site and reread some of them. Sure enough, these posts are still relevant to this day. So, I knew I was on to something.

One of these tales is called A Tribute To Linda McCartney” by Earl Okin. Earl had toured with Paul and Linda McCartney and Wings. In fact, he was the only person to have ever opened for the band. In it, he gives (to quote Earl) -an “insightful glimpse into the life of an exceptionally inspirational woman few ever came to know”

Then I thought, I wonder if Earl is still with us. So I searched Google and it turns out he is now 70 years old, still performing; still touring; and… he has a podcast, too! So I contacted him through his Facebook page and a few days later, he got back to me. We ended up talking on the phone for about n hour. Wish I had recorded that conversation! That’s okay.  Earl agreed to be one of my first guest on the Tales of the Road Warrior Podcast.

My first guest will be Laura Cheadle, a funkadelic, bluesy singer/songwriter from New Jersey. The episode airs (or aired, depending on when you’re listening) on Thursday, January 17th, 2019.

Some other upcoming guests include

Chad Watson
Dan May
Liz Miller
Earl Okin
Joe Walla
Johny Roquemore

and many. many, more more, so…

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Intro music: Playa del Spain by Joe Walla
Outro: I’m Goin’ For a Drive by Hal Aaron Cohen


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