Jodi Krangle

There’s Always a Silver Lining

Jodi KrangleThis episode’s intro was recorded by today’s guest, voice actor, singer songwriter and podcaster … Jodi Krangle. Jodi is a different kind of road warrior and I know her from traveling an entirely different kind of road… the Information Super Highway. Cyberspace, The Internet… Jodi Krangle, like me was an early adapter and like me, created and published one of the earlier online resources for songwriters.

While I was performing open mics  and showcases in Los Angeles and working on my website, Li’l Hank’s Guide For Songwriters, Jodi was performing at open mics and showcases in Canada while building and maintaining her website, the Muses Muse. It featured advice, educational articles and tips for songwriters, and a popular discussion board, and as she told me during our conversation… that message board still exists. She also published a newsletter for 18 straight years, finally hanging that up to pursue her current career in voiceovers and vocals.

In fact, if you go to – you’ll find samples of her work.

In 2015, she released an album of mostly original  songs called time will tell which we also talk about in this episode.

BTW, you can also get to Jodi’s website by using the alternate URL:

Talking points on today’s episode:

The Muses Muse

Message boards, trolls and hackers

Other early popular songwriter website – Jeff Mallett, Seth Jackson – IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archives), Kalaidospace (Jeannie Novak And Pete Markiewicz)

Brian Austin Whitney – Just Plain Folk

Taxi Road Rally

Real Audio


Jodi’s Podcast, – Silver Linings

3 and four minute bits of life advice and an occasional interview


Time Will Tell (2015)

Collaborators Chris Conway and Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Dr. Demento

I Met Santa On the Internet

Michael Ian Black

Podcast Movement 2019

Meeting Dave Jackson and Steve Stewart

Photography is not a lost art

Honorable mentions: photographers Anne Leibowitz, Henry Diltz and Paul Zollo

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