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30 CD’s and Counting !!!

Johnny Roquemore bear manIf you have been listening to some of previous  Tales of the Roadwarriors podcast, then you already know that the GA or Great American Food and Beverage Company was a restaurant where I once worked as a singing waiter in the 70’s.

Johnny Roquemore was one of my favorite coworkers there. Before we got into sharing our “how we got fired from the GA” stories, we start out like a couple of old men talking about our respective surgeries. Turns out that we are (as John puts it) “bowel brothers”.

I swore when I was younger that I would never turn out to be one of those old geezers who goes on and on about their medical condition and  bore people with long drawn out descriptions of gross  surgical procedures and shit. But  Johnny brought it up, so we did end up talking about that stuff in the beginning. So if this ain’t what you signed up for, just skip to about 8:44*  Personally, I think some of that 6 minutes is the best, but, hey… totally up to you.

Eventually, we  get into trading stories about our current gigs….  me at a hotel in Wayne, PA and private parties here on the East Coast, and Johnny at private parties and local festivals.

BTW… Johnny also shared a great idea for musicians who play for tips, so if you’re one of them, you might want to pay attention. You’ll never look at a gas can the same  way ever again.

Recently, Johnny Roquemore  celebrated his 30th CD in 30 years (he releases a new CD every year). It’s called “The 30th Album.”

In Part 2, Johnny and I will talk about his songwriting, albums, other muscians and his experiences in the studio. In the meantime, please enjoy the silliness of Part 1.

NOTE: On the podcast, I said 6:44 minutes. At the time, I hadn’t yet added the intro. Sorry 🙂

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Music In This Episode

Intro (most epsiodes): Playa del Spain by Joe Walla
Joe Walla music availble on Broadjam

Outro (most epsodes): I’m Goin’ For a Drive by Hal Cohen
Produced by Barry Keys for Xenon Records
Piano: Barry Keys
Lead Guitar: Aaron Wolfson

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