Lisa Nemzo

A Woman of Two Passions:
Music and Polarity Therapy


A Conversation with Lisa Nemzo – Coming Soon!

lisa-nemzoLisa and I had three separate conversations over the phone. We had a LOT of ground to cover and during the first conversation, she ended up sharing a little more than she had intended. So, I agreed to edit out some very personal stuff, and Lisa agreed to grant me a redo the next day. Both times, we talked for over an hour, but we had some very in-depth convos both times. I knew it was going to be rough editing this episode – but as if that wasn’t enough, I suddenly remembered something I had forgotten to ask about, so I called back and we ended up talking yet another 30 minutes. So,  I’m going to turn this into a two parter.

The second part has to do with a terrible mishap that resulted in American Airlines destroying her guitar on her way to a gig. If any of you have ever flown and brought your instrument along, you need to hear this. If you have a story of your own, please share in the comments.

While I am getting this show together, please familiarize yourself (or become reaquainted) with Lisa’s music. Below are links to her Youtube videos.



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Try And Run Lisa Nemzo at Music Mart In-Store Performance Her infamous “harmonics solo” begins at about 1:50. Watch all of this!


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