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Lyra Poject

Debra Lee and Rick Denzien of Lyra Project

Lyra Project is a music duo fronted by Debra Lee with husband and music partner Rick Denzien, since 2001. They have collaborated together and with others, create & perform music with a universal humanitarian and spiritual message of compassion, peace, forgiveness, tolerance and inner transformation. Themes have expanded to include social and environmental issues. Notice I made the “Play” button bright green? Because green is what the future of the planet is all about!

Latest release: the award-winning GODDESS.  They also have a CD entitled Walking Together, a compilation of songs based on their early spiritual influences. Currently working on their second album.

In the early 2000s, Lyra Project performed at festivals, churches, community centers, special events, coffeehouses and house concerts, etc.

Rick & Deb created their own circle of venues within the Philly area and the suburb of Ambler, PA. They started the Songwriters Original Showcase at a local community theater, followed by ThriveStation House Concerts, and most recently ThriveFest.US, a music a festival promoting and eco-sustainability.  Local venues supported by providing songwriters opportunities to perform and network. together.

Debra as a co-coordinator  for the Philadelphia Chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters  Association International). Shebrought Liz Miller on board as co-coordinator in 2017, and they continue to dedicate their efforts to building community within the songwriting community.

Deb & Rick have been environmental activists since 2013, when they got their first fully electric vehicle, a Nissan Leaf. Rick spearheaded a movement called Zero Emission Musicians, spreading a message of eco-sustainability and well-being among musicians and the public at large. They refer to themselves as the Zero Emissions Musicians because they’ve achieved 0% emission in their car, home and businesses.

They did the first-ever zero-emission, cross-country music tour from Dec 2018 to Jan 2019.  Over the summer of 2019 they hit the road again in their electric car to music festivals in Virginia, North Carolina, and Buffalo NY. This December, they’re heading out again to play down Florida way.

Talking Points

Co-writing process, The “Cat Lady”, Collaborating with other songwriters, including Michael Ronstadt, vocal coach Lisa Popiel and their original music, John Braheny, and Chad Watson

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bäh-fō Studio
World class recording engineer, Rick Denzien,
P.O. Box 567 • Ambler, PA 19002

DenLee Studio
DenLee Music Studio is affiliated with Bah-fo Recording Studio,
a professional-fully commercial production recording facility, located in the same building.

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Thanks, Hal! This looks GREAT! Really enjoyed our interview with you, and also hearing your podcasts with other artists. Thanks for all you do to support fellow musicians!

Thank YOU, Debra! Really glad you like it. I do my best to make my guests shine. Keep doing what you do and I’ll see you out and about. Keep your ears ready for my upcoming, 2-part conversation with Steve Schalchlin. It is riveting!

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