Phil Leavitt

7Horse and Tales From the Hollywood Freeway

Phi LeavittShow Notes and Talking Points

Las Vegas roots.

Started out on piano, went immediately to drums.

Played in a lot of bands, including a cover band that played Hawaii, followed by a rough stint in Alaska

I first met Phil at an outdoor festival. Phil was the drummer in a group called Films About Women .
I was bassist/lead singer for a band called The Fever and we were also performing that day.
Phil was an ex-grade school student of our rhythm guitarist and main songwriter, Graham Becker.

So I got to hear Films About Women then and man, I know an exceptional drummer when I hear one.

Years later, Phil joined an amazing, high energy alternative rock trio called Dada. It consisted of Joei Calio, Michael Gurley and of course, Phil Leavitt.
They had an international hit with a song called I’m Going to Diz-Knee-Land. The toured extensively, opening for Sting.

Michael Gurley left to tour with Keifer Sutherland, causing scheduling problems during their 25th reunion tour.

We talked about Darius Dehger and the Special Deluxe Combo

The team behind the videos. The image, look and attitude behind 7Horse music. (Dada was anti-image”).

A little about Phil’s dad. The Bowler Hat. Present day peacocking. The Vegas influences. Liberace and Elvis.

Tales From the Hollywood Freeway
The Bob Dylan Story
The Bill Murray Story (and their super fan, Pro Golf Champion Scott Simpson)


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