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Hi this Hal Aaron Cohen and I want to welcome you to Tales of the Road Warriors.

Today’s episode is going to be relatively short because I was hoping to be dropping a Tribute to Peter Tork today. However, I got a little behind due to the time it took me to get a few people I wanted to participate in remembering Peter, and I didn’t want to rush to merely get out a couple of sound bytes about someone who deserves more than that.

So, for that reason, this week, you get two episodes. This first one is just to say thank you.

I’d like to humbly thank everyone  who has been listening to my Tales of the Road Warriors podcast, and those who have been apologetically telling me they haven’t checked it out yet, but they will. To you I say – Hey! NO WORRIES. I’m not going anywhere. I’m happy to be the one introducing you to the world of podcasts and  more specifically, to my world of musical road warriors. Those brave souls who brave the elements, with  a carload of musical instruments, PA systems, mics and cords and cable and pedals, doggedly dragging them inland out of bars, restaurants, churches, theaters, concert halls and all kinds of other venues inn attempt to bring joy into the lives of friends, family and more often, roomfuls or stadiums full – of complete strangers.

And when the show is over, unless you’re in a famous rock band, you’re driving home after midnight, trying to keep your eyes open so you can live to play again another day. And some of you. like me, who finally gets home after playing four sets, and driving 2 hours each way only to have to walk the dog before you  can take your shoes off!

So, yes! Thanks for the support from my musicians friends. Some of who have bought and sold so many guitars on Craigslist, your spouse is planning to kill you in your sleep if you bring home one more.

And thank you to those who play an open mic one pr more nights a week just to keep that flame alive within.

And thank you to those listeners that just appreciate music. You come to our gigs, you’re truly interest ed in us and our well being and buy our CD’s or download our songs or watch our videos on Youtube.

THANK YOU (Transcript)

This Tales of the Road Warriors podcast is for all of you. My goal is to release an episode every Thursday, by hook or by crook and introduce you to some amazing people. And hopefully, bring some humor along with it!


I hope to have the Peter Tork Tribute out tomorrow. I was hoping to have done today, but  Well you know… Anticipation. It has to be worth your while to wait a little longer for it. I will present a side of Peter rarely seen by the general public. Not Peter Tork, the Monkees, but the Before and After the Monkees Peter.

So I have to get back to editing that show. But first… I’m going for a drive.

Music from the Show

Intro (most epsiodes): Playa del Spain by Joe Walla
Joe Walla music availble on Broadjam

Outro (most epsodes): I’m Goin’ For a Drive by Hal Cohen
Produced by Barry Keys for Xenon Records
Piano: Barry Keys
Lead Guitar: Aaron Wolfson

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